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Note: We accept customized service, from the size to color and theme, all can be customzied. If you want to buy the rides, Please feel free to email us!

Carnee, the fairground amusement ride manufacturer, substances excellent kiddie rides and family rides for international clients. As for the kiddie rides, generally, it's far designed as bumper cars, trains, numerous animals, which include horse, kangaroo, frog, bee, shark, dolphin, jellyfish, and so on., or a few fruits or flower which incorporates waver swinger, carousel rides, tea cup rides and so forth. The kiddie amusement rides have lovely look and bright characters to draw children’ attention. And the family rides are generally suitable for the complete family and parents can accompany their children, which is the interactive among parents and their kids and also can enhance their feelings. All sorts of kiddie and family rides are truely very welcomed via visitors in the parks.

CN114 Ocean Kids Tower
CN114 Ocean Kids Tower For Sale

Model: CN114
Size: D2.8mxH3.2m
Capacity: 6P
Power: 8.5Kw
Voltage: 380V, 50/60HZ
Speed: 4rpm
Space area: Dia4.5mxH3.2m

CN115 Mini Pirate Ship
CN115 Mini Pirate Ship For Sale

Model: CN115
Size: L4mxH3.8m
Capacity: 8p
Power: 4Kw
Voltage: 380V
Swing angle: ±30°
Space area: 5mx3m

CN116 Happy Swing
CN116 Happy Swing For Sale

Model: CN116
Size: L5m*W6m*H5m
Capacity: 12p
Power: 12Kw
Voltage: 380V
Swing angle: ±60°
Space area: 5mx6m

CN118 Ferris Wheel A Double
CN118 Ferris Wheel A Double For Sale

Model: CN118
Size: D6mx5.5m
Capacity: 20p
Power: 7.5Kw
Voltage: 380V
Speed: 2rpm
Space area: 8x8m

CN087 Ladybird Paradise
CN087 Ladybird Paradise For Sale

Model: CN087
Size: Dia5m*H2.5m
Capacity: 16P
Power: 3kw
Voltage: 380v, 50/60HZ
Speed: 4-6rpm
Space area: 6mx6m

CN053 Funny Plane
CN053 Funny Plane For Sale

Model: CN053
Size: D4.5mxH2.5m
Capacity: 8P
Power: 1.2Kw
Voltage: 380V
Speed: 6-8rpm
Space area: 6mx6m

CN054 Rotating Plane
CN054 Rotating Plane For Sale

Model: CN054
Size: D4.5mxH2.5m
Capacity: 8P
Power: 1.2Kw
Voltage: 380V
Speed: 6-8rpm
Space area: 6mx6m

CN055 Happy Small Bees
CN055 Happy Small Bees For Sale

Model: CN055
Size: D4.5mxH2.5m
Capacity: 8P
Power: 1.2Kw
Voltage: 380V
Speed: 6-8rpm
Space area: 6mx6m

CN056 Blue Star
CN056 Blue Star For Sale

Model: CN056
Size: D6xH2.5m
Capacity: 8P
Power: 1.5Kw
Voltage: 220V 50/60Hz
Speed: 4rpm
Space area: Dia6xH2.5m

CN057 Rotary Dinosaur
CN057 Rotary Dinosaur For Sale

Model: CN057
Capacity: 4cabins, 8seats
Area: diameter=6m
Equipment Height: 2.2m
Lifting Height: 0.7m
Voltage: 220V
Power: 1.1KW

CN058 Rotary Pirate Ship
CN058 Rotary Pirate Ship For Sale

Model: CN058
Capacity: 4cabins, 8seats
Area: diameter=6m
Equipment Height: 2.2m
Lifting Height: 0.7m
Voltage: 220V
Power: 1.1KW

CN059 Sugar Rat
CN059 Sugar Rat For Sale

Model: CN059
Size: Dia 6.5*H 4.5 m
Seats: 12P
Power: 9.5KW
Space: Dia 8 m
Speed: 4 rpm
Rotate Dia: 6.5 m

CN060 Swing Elephant
CN060 Swing Elephant For Sale

Model: CN060
Size: D9.4mxH6.5m
Capacity: 16P
Power: 12Kw
Voltage: 380V 50/60HZ
Speed: 5rpm
Space area: 12x12m

CN061 Space Shuttle
CN061 Space Shuttle For Sale

Model: CN061
Size: D8xH5m
Capacity: 16P
Power: 11Kw
Voltage: 380V
Speed: 3-6rpm
Space area: 9x9m

features of Kiddie Rides

entertainment park rides for children mainly running with spinning or rolling, sometimes they're inflatables, playground system. All of those rides are safe sufficient for kiddy, because adding some creative video games to the small extent and indoor rides will exercise and entrainment youngsters.

classification of amusement Park Rides for children

we've got many kinds of enjoyment park rides in the enjoyment rides industry, like ferris wheels, roller coasters, pirate deliver rides, tagada amusement park rides, disco rides and different rides. but which sort of rides are appropriate for kids? here we can inform you something approximately the children leisure rides for sale. hope you could benefit from the following article and realize more approximately the children entertainment rides.

Carousel Rides for sale

normally talking, carousel rides with special version are suitable for kids, now not count number it's miles double decker or unmarried deck, grand or easy. pace of carousel enjoyment park rides are sluggish that's secure sufficient for kids. So carousel is a form of kiddie rides, mainly the mini carousel rides which powered by using coins.

Kiddie Mini Ferris Wheel Rides for sale

Mini Ferris Wheel Rides also belong to kiddie amusement rides, specific from huge Ferris wheel, mini Ferris wheel rides are small and commonly with a top beneath five meters. kids ought to sit down inside the cabin and revel in the ride with pride.

Kiddie Self-control Rides

these rides are unique layout for children, whilst press the start button, humans sit down within the cabin which seems like planes, motors or other animals will rotate at the side of the middle axis, some rides even can pass up and down when circling across the axis. we've got kids Self-control planes rides, Self-control bee rides, Apache rides, Self-control alien ship, Swing rides and so forth. those rides are small and lower in peak, youngsters will by no means be afraid while sitting on the journey.

Why to choose Carnee Kiddie Rides manufacturer

Carnee is a professional enjoyment park rides manufacturer in China who're specializing in making kiddie rides,we've got involved in this on this industry for extra than 10 years.considering that based, Carnee enjoyment Ltd. has exported many sets of entertainment park rides to extra than 30 nations, as an instance, we has exported many sets of bumper cars for a funfair in Australia, we has exported mini shuttle rides to Jordan, we have exported 8 fingers Self-control bee rides, 12 seat mini pirate ship rides, 6 seat carousel horse rides to Korea, we has exported many sets of bumper boats to Vietnam, we has exported 24 seat carousel, 16 seat swing rides, 16 seat plane rides, 30 seat octopus rides, big disco rides, le bar automobile rides and several fences to a huge leisure park in Nigeria, we has exported units of diesel fuel trackless teach to Kuwait, we has exported inexperienced slide curler coaster with small length and happy automobile journey to Madagascar. Our clients from these countries constantly make extra orders to us after they need to get clean entertainment rides after the first order.

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