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bumper cars for sale in pakistan

Note: We accept customized service, from the size to color and theme, all can be customzied. If you want to buy the rides, Please feel free to email us!

most of people in Pakistan would really like to ride the bumper cars while they may be visit parks of their free time. And because of the rarely interesting feelings of driving bumper cars, a amazing quantity of human beings love this popular kiddie and family rides. generally, there are in particular parts of the bumping cars: the bumper cars and the indoor area. The dodgem cars in Carnee generally have the rubber to defend the bumper cars from being hurt and to assure the safety of the passengers. besides, our bumper cars also are geared up with the foot pedal and the guidance wheel. And the foot pedal can speed up the bumper cars while bumping into the alternative vehicles to boom the thrill feelings and the guidance wheel characteristic as the main tool whilst you make certain the intention and plan to come upon another cars. There are 4 forms of control system as a way to pick out from: coin operated gadget bumper cars, far flung manipulate bumper cars, timer system, and magnetism. The far off control system cars are pretty famous. And the coin operated bumper cars can be operated without difficulty, and is simple to set and manage. Carnee supplies diverse bumper cars for Pakistani now not handiest the ceiling grid bumper motors but additionally the floor/ground net bumper cars. And there are numerous sorts of bumper cars to be had so that it will choose, which includes electric powered powered bumper car, battery operated bumper car, inflatable bumper cars, kiddie bumper cars, mini bumper cars, indoor bumper cars, spin zone bumper cars, foot pedal bumper cars, hand lever kind bumper cars, steering wheel bumper cars and so forth. Are there some types of bumper cars on the market you are inquisitive about? you can contact us here! Our expert sales managers are ready with a purpose to solve all your questions and Carnee can offer you the best great amusement park rides with the fine costs.

CN029 UFO Bumper Car
CN029 UFO Bumper Car For Sale

Model: CN029
Diameter: 1.8m
Height: 1.27m
Battery:DC 12V 55AH*2PCS
Motor: DC24V, 150W * 2PCS
Speed: 3-5km/h
Charging Time: 8hours
Running: 5-8hours
Weight: 112KG

CN030 UFO Bumper Car
CN030 UFO Bumper Car for sale

Model: CN030
Diameter: 2.1m
Height: 0.97m
Battery: DC 12V 55AH*2PCS
Motor: DC24V, 350W * 2PCS
Speed: 7-10km/h
Charging Time: 8hours
Running: 5-8hours
Weight: 113KG

CN031 Battery Bumper Car
CN031 Battery Bumper Car For Sale

Model: CN031
Size: L1.90xW1.20xH0.95m
Capacity: 2p/car
Motor power: 90W 24V
Battery: 2pieces, 24V, 60AH
Speed: 10km/h

CN032 Electric Bumper Cars
CN032 Electric Bumper Cars for sale

Model: CN032
Size: L1.90xW1.20xH0.95m
Capacity: 2p/car
Motor power: 230W
Working voltage: DC48V
Console Voltage: 380V
Speed: 7-12 km/h
Speed: 220KGS

CN033 bumper cars on ice
CN033 bumper cars on ice For Sale

Model: CN033
Voltage: 12v DC 60ah*2 pcs
Power: 250W
Capacity: 200kg
Size: Dia 210cm
Speed: 6-10km/h
Weight: 160kg

CN034 Skynet Bumper Car
CN034 Skynet Bumper Car For Sale

Model: CN034
Volage: Input 380v Output 48v
Power: 230w
Size: L190cm*W120cm*H90cm
Capacity: 2 persons
Speed: 1-3m/s
Material: FRP&STEEL
Weight: 200kg

what will appear while you are in a bumper cars and come upon some other cars? when bumper cars collide, the drivers experience a change of their movement and become aware of their inertia. although the cars themselves may additionally stop or alternate route, the drivers preserve inside the course they were transferring earlier than the collision. this is why it’s critical to wear a seatbelt whilst driving a actual automobile, given that in any other case you can go through harm being thrown ahead in a collision. The loads of the drivers additionally affect the collisions. A distinction in mass among bumper car riders will suggest that one rider reports greater exchange in movement than the alternative . The type of collision, speed of the motors, and mass of the man or woman drivers all come into play in bumper car collisions.

What make you to choose to buy bumper cars from Carnee?

1. several colours (pink, Yellow, Orange, inexperienced, and Blue) for FRP automobile frame; any mixture coloration for inflatable tube is elective.
2. metallic skeleton and four PE wheels make the auto strong enough to load 200Kg (person type) at maximum.
3. each type has 2 forward pace. while one joystick is on frontward role, the alternative is on backward function, the auto would has 360 diploma rotation.
4. four charge modes: Coin machine (token coin is furnished), far flung manage machine, Timer device and magnetic gadget.
5. professional technique, highest exceptional, precise layout, appealing look, corrosion resistance, affordable charge and lengthy carrier life.
6. Bumper automobile is made from Fiber fortify Plastic and steel, that's environmental fabric and may be corrosion-resistant and solid.
7. Bumper vehicle is geared up with fabulous light and extremely good tune, and it has long lasting, corrosion-resistant and non-fading portray.
8. it can be used on unique types of flat and smooth land, consisting of cement land, on ice, and so on..

it is of tremendous vital to build the bumper vehicles to your park and it's far really worth to making an investment in various bumper cars, which can carry a lot extra benefits for your investment. Bumper motors are certainly one of te children favored video games in parks and can carry happiness and special interesting feelings compared with different games. except, dodgem bumper cars can sell the interaction between youngsters and their parents in addition to the strangers. if you have any pursuits, please check out to contact us right here and pick out the maximum appropriate bumper cars or different subject park equipment on our internet site.

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